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Violin with Harp Accompaniment

Rondo by Oskar Reiding, Op. 22, arranged for Viola and Harp, (in C major) and for Violin and Harp (in G Major)

Both pieces are about a grade 3 level for violin or viola (1st position), and "intermediate" for lever harp. This is a Romantic/classical tune, originally for Violin and Piano, so there are a few lever changes, but they're all well-planned and accessible.

Fun to play, a beautiful tune, and it works especially well for Viola and harp!   $6.50 each, email Marilyn to order your copy or for more info.

Lever Harp Duet

GrÓdh geal mo chridhe, better known as the Eriskay Love Lilt, duet for 2 harps (or harp ensemble).  Easy parts, no lever changes, separate parts for harp 1 and 2. Key of E minor.

This is such a beautiful tune, and is rendered here with harmonic variations and interludes.  $4.00  email to order

Harp Ensemble

Theme from Symphony from the New World arr. for 4 harps by Marilyn Rummel

Symphony from the New World
HA 4006

Anton Dvorak  4 Harps / 8 pg $4.50

Arranged for 4 harps, or groups of harps, from beginner to intermediate level. Separate parts for each harp. Satisfying start for the beginning ensemble. In C maj. (no levers necessary) Largo.

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