Jourmel Strings



Wanting a good source of affordable gut strings for Josephus Harps and our early instruments led to a new project - Jourmel Strings.

High quality harp strings, available individually. These are natural gut, they perform beautifully, and the price is right.

We have sets and individual strings for modern Pedal Harps, light and medium gauge strings for 18th and 19th century pedal harps, and for historical and lever harps.

We are also happy to supply strings for vielles, viols, lutes, and other early instruments.

To discuss your needs, please email Marilyn.

We make all our nylon and wound strings as well. If you have need of a string for your Josephus Harp or any other harp, especially if you need one shipped from Canada, send us an email and we can get your string to you by mail.

Need help putting a new string on? Click here for a page you can print out for reference.