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I send an email newsletter about harp happenings on Vancouver Island every month or so, to people on the mailing list. I won't trade or sell your email address, and I follow the privacy rules. If you'd like to receive one, please click this link.


Music file - Brian Boru

Here is a bit of Brian Boru to help with practicing by listening.


Wonderful Website

Another nice article on the importance of posture and paying attention to the physical for harpists:


Here's my pick for wonderful website of the year!  There is an amazing amount of fabulous material here for adult learners. It is written by a piano teacher but VERY applicable to the harp. In fact, I've finally found someone writing about music with whom I agree. (Therefore, he must be right?)

You might start at the "Practicalities" section. I haven't read this whole site by any means, but I'll be checking back often to read more.


Music Theory Game of the Week!

Here's a new link for music theory. Great explanations in the "lessons" section and then test yourself in the "Trainers".  The first one is the one you want, and then in the settings area, you can set for just treble, or just bass, or anything you want.

Basic practice for beginners is here.



Don't want to find your tuner? Use your computer (you'll need to have a microphone attached to your computer):


Concenti Singers