Music Choices



What Music shall We have?

That's a question with many answers. Many kinds of music are possible on the harp, and most music is beautiful on the harp, though some music is better suited than other kinds, and very chromatic music is often less than ideal.

Most people want choices that will relax and inspire their guests and themselves, and the harp is especially suited for that task, no matter what is played.

Wedding music can be very personalized, especially the choice for the Processional, but in most of Marilyn's weddings it seems that, after consultation, the bride and groom leave it to the harpist, within a framework of categories such as celtic, hymns, classical, traditional, popular, folk, etc.

Marilyn has written several original processionals which are often chosen by couples, as they are "purpose-built" to be lovely, ceremonial, and suited to the harp. You can even commission your own processional, written especially for YOUR wedding.

 Here are some short samples of music:

The Wedding Aisle (Corrie-Lynn) I wrote for my cousin's wedding - it has blessed hers and many others since!

Habanera Gris

Brian Boru's March

Background music for receptions can be celtic, popular, classical or a combination. Here's a reflective and calm piece that can be used for background music or for the signing of the register.